N.J. Varughese, born in Kerala, moved to the Jharkhand area in 1975.  After many years working in the land, he saw a desperate need for healthcare in the area.  In 1999, he organized a group who ran a Mobile Medical Unit traveling through the remote villages caring for the sick and needy.  N.J. was still burdened when he learned that many were still left to face certain death because of a lack of modern medicine and a clean facility in which to treat them.  In 2002, after a vision he began drawing up the plans for Shanti Bhavan Medical Center.  He has led each step of the construction which took 7 years to complete.  N.J. recruited some of the top medical professionals to help him successfully operate the hospital.  From building design, to construction and equipment, and on to staffing and training N.J. has been a great leader in bringing help for the poor and dying in northeast India.