Community Health Lay Leaders Training

Not only does Shanti Bhavan Medical Center serve as an outpatient clinic and hospital for the 6,000 villages surrounding it; Shanti Bhavan Medical Center (SMC) also serves as a medical education center. The staff at SMC started training classes of village men and women in basic healthcare so that they might return to their native villages as trained ‘health practitioners’ to conduct nutritional and sanitation training as well as provide the first level of preventative healthcare, emergency care and triage those people who need additional medical care to Shanti Bhavan Medical Center.

Our first class of “Helpers to the Helpless” graduated in December 2013 and are now practicing in their villages.  We have trained three total classes as “Helpers to the Helpless”.  Recently our educators completed certification at CMC Vellore as Community Health Lay Leaders Trainers.  Community Health Lay Leaders (CHLL) are similar to what we were training our “Helpers to the Helpless” to be, but the training is more intensive and condensed.  CMC Vellore launched this new program at SMC in August 2015.  Dr. Elizabeth from CMC Vellore is currently training the first class (15 students) of CHLL at SMC.  All meals and transportation are provided for the students.  Students must complete this 90 day training which includes classroom and field experience before they can become certified.  For interest in this program, please contact Ms. Karuna Sreehari Jangala at