Shanti Bhavan Medical Center...We Care, He Heals.

Biru, Simdega

Giving Back

Many of our patients are suffering from deep poverty and are unable to pay for the services rendered at our hospital. Learn more about how you can help give back to your community.

Simdega Clinic

Shanti Bhavan Medical Center opened a hospital extension clinic in Simdega in June 2015.  Open 7 days a week 9am-12pm and 3pm-7pm.  Learn more about this clinic here.

Upcoming Specialty Clinics

Through our affiliations with CMC Vellore, EHA, BBH, and CMAI we are able to host specialists who set up 2 and 3 day clinics several times a year.  See our upcoming list of specialists who will be visiting.

Founder and President

“My Call is Sure, My Vision is Clear, My Mission is Rewarding.”  N.J. Varughese.  Learn more about the founder and president of SMC.